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jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

San Torcuato Festivity and Romería (On 15th May)

San Torcuato Festivities and Romería

San Torcuato, who was one of the Siete Varones Apostólicos (Seven Apostolic Men) ordained bishop by San Pedro and San Pablo in Rome and sent to preach to Spain, was martyred on 15th May 1966 in a place near Guadix (in Face Retama). He is nowadays the Patron of the city. 

Every 15th May, since the weekend previous to its onomastic, several events commemorating his death and patron celebrations of the city are celebrated.
The first event is the Romeria to the Face Retama Sanctuary from the San Torcuato Arch (through which the relics of the Saint came into Guadix), which takes place at sunset on the Saturday before his feast day. After the arrival to the sanctuary, a mass is celebrated, and also a procession with torchs with the Sacred Image of San Torcuato around the Emita-Sepulcro and the Face Retama Hostelry, which are headed by the Relics of the San Torcuato’s Jaw, brought from the Guadix Cathedral.

During the following five days, the Solemn Quinario (Five-day Devotion) is celebrated in the Cathedral in honour of San Torcuato. On Friday before his feast day, during the Offertory, several events are celebrated: a flower offering with red flowers to decorate the processions, the interpretation of the San Torcuato Anthem, and the kiss to the relic of the Saint’s Jaw. On Saturday, the Eve of the Feast and the Proclamation of the Patron Celebrations are celebrated. Finally, the Solemn Procession with the statue of San Torcuato and the Relic of the Sacred Arm takes place along the streets of Guadix. Particularly noteworthy is the accompaniment of boys, girls and women wearing the traditional Guadix dresses, the brotherhoods and the authorities of the city.

It is also a tradition in this area to taste the Torta Salá, Habas verdes and local wine during the popular open-air dance celebrated on Saturday night and music concerts.