Festivities and traditions

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Cruces de Mayo (On 3rd May)

Cruces de Mayo

Guadix is clothed in spring at the beginning of May. It celebrates the traditional Cruces de Mayo, in which the courtyards of palaces, squares and charming places of the several neighbourhoods of Guadix wear their colourful crosses. Brotherhoods, associations and various groups prepare carefully the crosses’ drawing and set, which dominate the bars were traditional dishes and products of the Guadix gastronomy can be tasted, while enjoying all of this in the company of friends and the family from noon until the early morning.

The Chavicos, miniatures of the processions made by groups of children with the imaginary and the music of cornets and drums, are processed on their shoulders along the streets of Guadix.

Many crosses and chavicos participate in the competition of Cruces de Mayo and Chavicos, organised every year by the City Council of Guadix. This competition rewarded the best handmade crosses and chavicos, each one with its own theme represented in its decorations.