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jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Virgen de las Angustias Festivity ( On 2nd Sunday in November)

Virgen de las Angustias Festivities

The patron festivities in honour of the Virgen de las Angustias, located within the San Diego Church, is celebrated in Guadix on the first and second weekend in November. The popular devotion dates back to XVII century and she is the co-patron of Guadix since 1906. The current statue was made by the Sevillian sculptor Castillo Lastruchi, because the old one, a wood statue made by the accitano Torcuato Ruiz del Peral, was demolished during the Spanish Civil War. Some engravings and the face of the Virgin are still preserved, which can be nowadays looked at in the current Virgen de los Dolores statue, located within the Concepción Church in Guadix.

On the first Sunday in the month, she is moved at dawn (7.30 a.m.) and accompanied by Guadix people until the Cathedral to celebrate her Septenario (Seven-Day Devotion). On her feast day (the second weekend in November) a solemn Pontifical Mass is celebrated, headed by the bishop of the diocese. On the afternoon, (18.30 p.m.) she is processed along the main streets of Guadix from the Catedral to its sanctuary.

The Virgin worship has always been related to important facts of the Guadix history such as the cholera in 1855, the drought in 1858, fires, earthquakes, etc. in which Guadix people resorted to the Virgin protection through public rogations.