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jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

San Antón – Luminarias (On the third weekend January)

San Antón – Luminarias

San Antón celebration, the Patron of animals, is celebrated on the 3rd weekend in January (around 17th January, which is his feast day).

On the eve of this celebration (on Saturday evening), San Antón is moved from his parish, San Miguel Church, to the hermitage which shares his name. The traditional luminarias (lights) or “chiscos” are celebrated around this hermitage and in all neighbourhoods of the city, where “the beard of the saint is burnt to protect us”. Neighbours, friends and relatives taste traditional products of the pig-killing, which are roasted on the fire and accompanied with a great local wine. These luminarias, as well as the horses and floats processing with San Antón, participate in the Local Competition of Lights, Floats and Horses of San Antón. This competition awards some prizes in cash to the best examples within each category.

On San Antón’s Day, (on Sunday morning), the Saint processes along San Miguel neighbourhood streets, in a cart pulled by oxen and accompanied by horses and floats. It is customary to make nine turns around the Saint’s hermitage on foot, on a horse’s or mule’s back, so receiving his protection. It also a tradition to buy the Cuña of San Antón, consisting in products such as mandarins, dates, figs, various dried fruits (presents which boyfriends formerly give to girlfriends), and  eating the Olla of San Antón with the family (its main ingredients are pork’s tail, cheek, bacon and ear).