Festivities and traditions

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Ermita Nueva Festivity (The second Sunday of August)

Ermita Nueva Festivities

The Festivities of the Virgen de Gracia, the Patron of the Caves of Guadix, is the most important celebration of the Barrio de Cuevas. It starts on Saturday and it lasts until the Sunday evening. A flowers offering (carnations, gladioli and white tuberoses), masses, the procession along the neighbourhood’s streets and fireworks saying bye to the Patron are some of the events in her honour. On the 50th anniversary of her coronation, she received the Mayor Baton of the city. It is a tradition rooted in the Spanish kingdoms, which was inherited from the old councillors and chief magistrates of the cities in gratitude of the favours received.

Open-air dances, traditional games, gastronomic competitions, bars or even bullfights are the funniest examples of these patron celebrations.